Ground Search and Rescue

Ground search and rescue (GSAR) training is taken by all PGSAR members take before they are able to be out in the field involved in a search or a rescue. Our Ground Search Team is about 40 members, including Ground Search Team Members, Ground Search Team Leaders (GSTLs) and Search Managers. 

New members are put through a ground search and rescue course that covers basic search techniques for ground and inland water. This course includes an overview of search and rescue, different types of searches, basic rope rescue, compass training, map reading, GPS navigation, overnight survival, avalanche safety, helicopter safety and many other topics. The course is taught locally by PGSAR members. Taking 100 hours, GSAR is a big commitment! 

 Searches are conducted at any time of the year, at any time of the day, in any type of terrain. They require dedicated SAR members who are willing to leave the comfort of their home and family to look for a complete stranger, regardless of the weather. Many searches are completed in a few hours; occasionally, they take several days. As volunteers, SAR members in BC are not paid for the time they contribute. 

 All members participate in ground SAR activities. Locating, Accessing, Stabilizing and Transporting are the key goals of ground SAR. We locate through specialized ground search techniques, access with ropes and other specialized equipment, stabilize with first aid techniques and transport by a variety of methods and vehicles.