First Aid

All Prince George SAR members have at minimum basic first aid and CPR training. Emergency Management BC requires every volunteer to have at least 8 hours of training. Most of our team members have a higher level of training, including many members trained on Wilderness Advanced First Aid, and Wilderness First Responder. During these courses, members are trained to respond particularly in wilderness environments, covering relevant topics such as hypothermia, drowning, trauma, and more. Members are also trained to do first aid modified for the wilderness, including building splints, hypothermia wraps, and stretchers with only materials you’ve carried in. Our team is diverse and includes members who are paramedics, nurses, or medical doctors.  

 In addition to formal courses, team members attend team training sessions which include first aid topics, such as hypothermia, CPR, fracture management, or patient packaging. These sessions are more informal and meant to be a review and way of practicing our skills within the team.