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The intake for the 2024-2025 period has closed.

The Prince George Search and Rescue Society (PGSAR) is a registered non-profit organization operating in and around the Prince George region. PGSAR is manned solely by volunteers who respond 24/7, all year round, in all types of weather conditions. Members are unpaid professionals highly trained in wilderness skills and technical rescue.  

We are tasked by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Coroner Service of British Columbia, and British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS) in a variety of search and rescue functions. As members of a provincial team, we are sometimes asked to assist in other areas of the province as well. 

How we are activated

Prince George Search and Rescue is activated by emergency services. If this is an emergency, please contact 9-11 and they will activate our team as needed.  

Please note there is no cost for search and rescue! You do not need to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing. The sooner they are reported, the sooner we can help! 

For non-emergency contact, please see the contact tab at the top of the webpage.  

A great reminder on river safety from our friends at the Prince George RCMP. As we head into another beautiful summer weekend, be sure to checkout some of the incredible trip planning and safety resources on to help prepare you before heading out!As the sunny, hot weather shows no signs of cooling down, Prince George RCMP is issuing some water-safety reminders for those who may wish to take the opportunity to cool off by floating down one of our rivers.These reminders come in the wake of two recent incidents that local Mounties and other first responders have attended where river rafters have become stranded, in one instance with fatal consequences. Most recently, a family of eight was stranded overnight when their tubes became damaged during a river float."Rivers are unpredictable and can contain faster currents or debris that you can’t see from a tube or raft. We also need to remember that our waters stay cold, even in this heat, and this can lead to trouble swimming if you’re exposed for a long period of time," states Cpl. Jennifer Cooper, Media Relations Officer for the Prince George RCMP.Here are some tips to help keep yourself safe on our rivers during the heat:💦 Tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back.💦 Avoid going anywhere alone.💦 Make sure everyone in your party is wearing a personal floatation device.💦 Speak to people in the community who have used the rivers before and know them well.💦 Carry required safety equipment.💦 Make sure to have food and water with you in case you are stranded or are out for longer than you anticipate.You can visit the Canadian Red Cross and BC AdventureSmart for more information on staying safe around the water this summer.City of Prince George Prince George Search and Rescue Northern B.C. Crime Stoppers ... See MoreSee Less
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A wonderful surprise came in the mail… thank you to BrightSource for all their support over the years! We appreciate their donations of high quality lighting equipment that help us meet our community’s needs. ... See MoreSee Less
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Eight people were rescued early Sunday morning after a cold and buggy night on an island in the Willow River. PGSAR members were mobilized overnight when a group of adults and kids were reported overdue from a late-day tubing float on a remote stretch of the river. The distances were greater than they anticipated and their tubes became damaged during the trip. Night fell and they were swept into a log jam. They self rescued then decided to stay put, huddle together, and wait for dawn in their wet bathing suits. RCMP located them by drone and we worked together to extract them from the river environment.A reminder to everyone to do great trip planning, get training, and take the essentials - including the wearing of PFDs!Check out for some tools for outdoor adventures. ... See MoreSee Less
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BCSARA No Charge Full Presentation ... See MoreSee Less
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Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness of British Columbia, Bowinn Ma, met with representatives of PGSAR and other SAR groups from the region. Thank you for the opportunity to connect and be heard. ... See MoreSee Less
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