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Prince George Search and Rescue is responsible for searching for lost individuals, evacuating injured persons, and assisting in other emergencies in the Prince George area. We also respond to Mutual Aid calls from around the province for large scale, long-running searches that require more resources. 

PGSAR members are unpaid professionals that are highly trained in wilderness skills and technical rescue. Our basic training program is approximately 100 hours of map, compass, survival, communications, and search techniques. After completing the basics, members can move on to specialties such as rope, swiftwater/ice rescue, tracking, or avalanche. 

Most requests from the RCMP are to look for lost or overdue people, but we are sometimes also asked to assist them with evidence searches. The British Columbia Ambulance Service requests our service to assist with medical evacuations that are beyond their travel capabilities. The Coroners Service of British Columbia calls on PGSAR to assist them with the recovery of deceased individuals who are difficult to get to. 

There are 78 Search and Rescue (SAR) groups in British Columbia. They are maintained and coordinated by Emergency Management BC (EMBC). It does this as part of its overall responsibility for emergency preparedness and planning for disasters, floods, earthquakes etc. 

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Prince George SAR is funded by a combination of grants, fundraising activities, and generous donations from our community.  You can be assured your donation will contribute directly to the training and equipment we use to save lives.

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